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December 29, 2011
Letter to His Excellency the Ambassador of Hungary

To his Excellency, Mr.Sandor - Kusai
The Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary

Dear sir,

My name is Konrad H. Hubner, I am the chairman of Great Concord Investment Ltd (Hongkong) and Beihai Konrad Consulting Ltd. in Beihai, Guangxi.

Our corporations and myself wish the Republic of Hungary a very prosperous and commercially healthy new year, 2012. Our board will invest up to 100

million Euro in Hungary. We will build our new headquarter for Europe, East Europe and Middle East.

My staff and I will visit Hungary in February 2012 to sign the contract with Faltec Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Kft. to buy this company and with this, we

purchase all the properties in H-8000 Szekesfehervar, Csalapuszta-Kastely.to build the first Chinese Traditional Medicine combining, with Western Medicine .

This new concept has never been done before in this style. Our mother corporation hq and our new university will be  built in the same time in Beihai, Guangxi

Province, People's Republic of China. We are in contact with all universities and colleges worldwide.

Our first goal is to renovate the castle inside and outside with its original design as our headquarters.

Phase 2 will be a five-star hotel and resort with hot spring for our medical tourists from the Americas, Middle East ,Europe, and East Europe .

NO.3 will be our college to teach our European doctors and pharmaceutics to handle Chinese Traditional Medicine correctly.

NO.4 , retirement homes for our lonely elderly people worldwide with first class personal and in the very nice surroundings and atmosphere.

NO.5, We go all the way green, we will build our own solar farm to produce our own power. Our developer and architecture, planning and builders will be Grontmij

from Netherlands .We have chosen Hungary for its long historical past, beautiful architectures and buildings and cities.

God bless Hungary and his people!

Happy New Year,2012 to his excellency and family!! and best wishes and a good 2012 to the very friendly people of Hungary.

Great Concord Investment HK and Beihai Konrad Consulting Ltd, PRC.

Konrad H.Hubner
Chairman and CEO








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