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First Location: Beihai City, China

The first project is being developed in Beihai City, China, Guangxi province, including a one 5+ star hotel, one university, one major hospital, a separate outpatient clinic, four 4 star hotels, as well as pharmaceutical herbal production, all according to the best international standards.

Meeting with city government officials, news papers and tv

Beihai, located in the south of China, northeast of Baibuwan Gulf is a commercial harbor with a history of 2000 years. An excellent tourist city in China, it is a modern developing coastal city. Beihai has one county (Hepu) and three districts (Haicheng, Yinhai and Tieshangang). The total population of greater Beihai is about 1.5 million.

Hotel and Restaurant facility in Beihai

In 1984, Beihai was designated one of the coastal cities opened to the outside world. Beihai has a subtropical climate, with an annual average temperature of 22.6 degrees Celsius and an annual average rain fall of 1600mm. Beihai has ample sunlight, abundant rainfall, beautiful scenery, clean environment and rich resources.

Partners and friends on a recent Beihai visit

IIt is blessed with natural fine sea sand beaches, islands, corals and several lakes. Beihai City has developed into a famous coastal tourist city after years of development. Great for well being and especially good for healing asthma and bronchitis. This is the perfect spot for the first development of our traditional Chinese wellness project.

On a scouting mission in Beihai to find the best spot for a hotel

Location of one of the lots for the wellness/hotel complex near the beach


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