From our beautiful city of Beihai, Guangxi Province , People's Republic of China.

Konrad International Foundation i. G.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, 2012 from our mother corporation Konrad Holding International i.G.,
Konrad Group of companies

Great Concord Investment Ltd and Beihai Konrad Consultant Ltd.
Fort Group Investment LTD and Cheertop International Investment Ltd

Special thanks to Mr. Gavin Pang who has coordinated all the Beihai City agencies, and the city mayor of Beihai, Mr.Zhou Jiabin ,the provincial government in Nanning, Guangxi and the central government of the People's Republic of China
and all our Chinese friends and advisory board Mr. Li, China Railroad Construction Group, Mr. Wang, China State Construction Group, Miss Zhou, Guangdong TONDE Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd and our good friend Mr.Richard Fang, Mr.Tony Ma, Mr. Papa Ho, Professor Dr. Wang, Mr. Dennis Lam and family and Mr. Reinhol,. Freischlag International Project Financing for all the efforts to help our corporations to build the first traditional Chinese medicine combining with western medicine schooling center and a university  in Beihai City.


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We will start by the end of January to purchase all the necessary properties in Beihai and Sanya, Hainan Island. Special thanks to Mr.Pieter Krant MSc and Mr. Rene ten Brinke llm MSc from Grontmij in Netherlands. And our advisor Peter Schierenbeck, our company will sign the contract with Grontmij at the end of January, 2012. Big thanks to Mr. Michael Wedelek Sen. and family from Faltec Corporation to make it possible to build our European headquarter in Hungary to sell the Faltec Corporation to our mother corporation at the end of January. Many thanks to Peter Lorenz, Edward Hernandez, to all our supporters worldwide. Special thanks to our senior board member and director Mr. Peter Oberrauch from Switzerland for his financial activities and our board member Mr. Charles Kevin Moore in Houston Texas, USA for his financial administrations and international advise. Our medical Chief director and board member Med. Rat Doctor Patrick Ehrllich, member of the Council on Traditional Asian Medicine in the Ministry of Health, President of the Scientific Society for Tibetan Medicine. Many thanks to Mr. Winfried Ruck for his endless work with a legal department, all best wishes and good health to my friend Doctor Juergen Gryzik, Chairman and Trustee from Dunmore Trust A. S. and the Central Bank of Venezuela. and Mr. Lothar Schreiber for his hard work to provide health contracts between Great Concord Investment Ltd and Allianz Worldwide Care for our employees,, and Mr. Jaye Muller for his beautiful work as a PR and Mr. Joseph Y. W. Chow for his big efforts as our corporation CPA . Thanks to Mr. Luluth Sudharmanto , director of Great Concord Investment Ltd and Beihai Konrad Consultant Ltd for his endless work in all these years and the years ahead. Thanks to the good work of Armin Frauenknecht and our personal friendship with Gifu and Mr.Shuichi Hotta. Thank Gogo Guo , assistant for Beihai Konrad Consultant Ltd and Great Concord Investment Ltd and Frau Doctor Meng-hua Wu and famliy for all the good work. A lot of thanks to Mr. Xu, (marc) , assistant to the Chairman and all the best wishes for the family of our good friends and directors Danny Chang. Danny will be in our hearts forever. He is forever a part of our companies. We miss him as a hard worker and a good friend and all his good advice. God bless his soul and his family.

A very happy Christmas to you all and your families. Stay healthy and happy.
A very happy New Year 2012 for all of you and our corporations and the People's Republic of China.

Konrad H. Hubner Seidel


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